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The stories behind famous Burgundy

Tips and Tricks to prepare your stay in Burgundy

Get some informations about culture, gastronomy and way of life in Burgundy before booking your wine tour !

Wine and Chocolate pairing

Let’s talkabout wine and chocolate pairing! Be careful, this pairing must not be taken lightly: the pairing must allow both to master the bitterness that characterizes the cocoa as well as its fatness, its texture while playing with the rich aromatic palette of the wines to sublimate the two products. And yes! Wine and chocolate

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Pruning the vines in Burgundy

The vine is a climbing plant, in its wild state, it climbs any obstacle, repents without limit and produces small bunches of tiny grapes in quantity. Over the years, man has managed to control and cultivate this wild nature by developing different cultivation techniques, in particular the organization of the vines in rows to facilitate

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Fall in Burgundy: is it worth it ?

All seasons are worth to live in Burgundy but Fall is a special one. 🍇 Grape harvest: after a year of hard working in the Vineyard it’s finally time to harvest its treasure. Traffic on the road is busy, slowed by tractors and viticulture machines, but reminding us to take some time for us. 🍂

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Crémant de Bourgogne, Sparkling Wine from Burgundy

Crémant de Bourgogne, Our High Class Sparkling Wine Burgundy amazes us with its great wines known throughout the world, but it also offers us to discover exceptional Crémant which have nothing to envy to the champagnes! The traditional method of vinification is used, just like the one used for champagnes. The only difference lies in

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summer in the vineyards

Supporting the vine until the harvest

☀️ Today is the summer solstice, so we’re taking the opportunity to talk to you about vineyard work, the gestures that will contribute to the good development of the vine and the grapes until the harvest during the summer. The winegrowers will be working on the green work in the vineyard! These tasks, mainly manual,

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Strategy for reopening of France borders from 9 June onwards

HOW TO TRAVEL TO FRANCE ? Last Update 18/06: In contrast to the easing of health restrictions in several European countries, Portugal has decided to ban entry and exit from the Lisbon area over the weekend. Source06/18: France is now placed in green zone by Romania. Travelers arriving from France are exempt from quarantine and

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Oeuf à l’Epoisse Recipe

You can’t come to Burgundy to taste our Burgundian dishes, we’ve found the solution while waiting for the borders to reopen ! Cook at home a simple and very tasty recipe typical of Burgundy ! Les Oeufs à l’Epoisse – Eggs with Epoisse For this recipe you will need : 🧀       Epoisse cheese

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It is time for friends, time for love and adventure…

It’s coming! The long awaited time of parties, barbecues, outdoor aperitifs, simply the period when we meet with friends or family and especially the period of predilection of weddings … and therefore of bachelor and bachelorette parties! The bachelor or bachelorette party is the last “bachelor” party before the wedding. And it is the occasion

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Gougère from Burgundy Recipe french food

Our Gougeres Recipe

First Recipe from many more to come on our Burgundy wine and food blog: enjoy this not to be missed delicious french salty and cheesy pastry, enjoy 🧀

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