The best season for a wine tour in Burgundy

Looking for the best season for a Wine Tour In Burgundy ? Here are some tips depending on your expectations.

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Well, in my opinion there is no answer to this question. Ok you’ll say no need to go further through this article 🙃 Please stay ! You will find out that each season has it’s benefit.

Spring in Burgundy

Into vineyards of Beaujolais during sunrise, Burgundy, France

Bud burst

Early shoot and leaf growth, flowering and fruit set vines are awakening. That time of season is leaving its quietness and suddenly wakes up with people arriving from around the world, seizing the first sun soft beam to have a sip of Chardonnay at the deck of a café. Birds chirping calls for a wonderful season et streets begins to be filled with Burgundy wine lovers from all over the world.

If you are not a fan of heat and you appreciated relative calmness, this is the ideal time for a wine tour in France Burgundy.

Summer in Burgundy

Volnay in Summer - Burgundy
Volnay in Summer – Burgundy

Véraison and berry ripening

Vines are draped in their green coat. It’s high season for tourism as the weather is perfect for night outside stays in restaurants and cafés. Perfect to stay out late in the evening wandering in the beautiful villages of Burgundy such as Beaune, Mâcon or Oingt.

Cellars are a nice welcoming place as temperature can be high during Summer in Burgundy. It’s an amazing moment to have a fresh glass of Chassagne-Montrachet or Burgundy Sparkling wine (Crémant de Bourgogne) while discovering Burgundy wine roads on your electric bicycle or flying on an hot air ballon.

This time of year can be a bit crowded except for the after 15th of August.

Fall, harvest in Burgundy

Vineyards in the autumn season, Burgundy, France

Amazing time to leave the achievement of a year of hard working in the vineyards. Breath taking landscapes with amazing color schemes of red, orange, brown and green.

Wineries are like beehives, accomplishing a gigantic work to get the best out of the grapes they have pampered through the whole year. At this time of year, you can see all stages of grape harvest from picking, sorting, tank filling to vinification. Sharing a lunch or dinner with picking teams is an extraordinary experience and festival are numerous to enjoy.

We have made a special getaway during harvest for our customers, for more information click here.

Winter in Burgundy

At this time of year you could think there is not much to be seen but don’t get me wrong: landscape are lunar, if by chance you can see some frost you’ll be amazed by the breathtaking winter frame.

It’s seems like you’ve entered a fairy tale where time as stop.

Vines are sleeping beauties and taking a well deserved rest. So let’s do the same and enjoy amazing pleasures of Burgundy activities. It’s a perfect time for Spa & wellness activities as well as tasting the wonderful French Gastronomy on your stay. If you’re lucky, a wine maker will invite you for a wine tasting by the candle. It’s a chance to discover the pretty Christmas Market in each village and taste comforting mulled wine. ☕

Each season as something to offer that will meet your expectations: calm, festivals, people meeting, emotion sharing or simply cocooning 🧣

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