Private Class and Wine Tasting in the Vineyards

Burgundy Wine and mindfulness

Live an unforgettable experience, learn to listen to all your senses and become one with our terroirs while listening to your body and cherish the moment.

What to expect ?

Learn to taste differently, open your chakras and enjoy the moment in full consciousness. Discover your body, your mind and the great wines of Burgundy.

  • You will start this day with a 1h30 meditation workshop with a secular presentation of this practice and techniques adapted to daily life allowing a greater capacity of presence to what we live and understanding of our body, our being and our soul.
  • Then you will enjoy a private wine tasting with our winemaker. We will then make the connection between attention span and full awareness of our senses. The goal is to use meditation to better perceive the aromas of the wine, the taste and the subtleties related to the terroir that we have discovered during the meditation. We shall then establish the link between capacity of attentiveness and full attendance to our senses. We shall better perceive the aromas of the wine, his taste and the subtleties bound to the soil, in order to turn this moment in a valuable one and to be able to apply this ability of attendance to all that we eat, drink and experiment in a general way.

An immersive experience in Burgundy to better understand your body, your sensations, perceptions and emotions in order to be fully present externally and internally in your daily life and to enjoy the small and big experiences of life .


Half-Day Experience

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Wine Tasting

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