Supporting the vine until the harvest

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summer in the vineyards

☀️ Today is the summer solstice, so we’re taking the opportunity to talk to you about vineyard work, the gestures that will contribute to the good development of the vine and the grapes until the harvest during the summer.

The winegrowers will be working on the green work in the vineyard! These tasks, mainly manual, are carried out on the herbaceous parts after the plant has started to grow, until a few days before the harvest.

– 🍃 Disbudding: This operation is carried out after the budburst of the vine – the awakening of the vine, the beginning of the vegetative cycle. It consists of removing undesirable buds or young shoots, as well as the “gourmands” – branches that grow on the vine. This operation is carried out in order to promote the health of the grapes and to prevent all the water and nutrients of the plant from being captured by these gourmets.

– 🛡️ Protection of the vineyard and preventive treatments: the vineyard must be protected against certain diseases such as oidium, mildew or botrytis.

– Trellising: The aim of trellising is to orientate the branches in a vertical plane. The branches are supported on wires stretched between stakes so that the bunches of grapes benefit from the best exposure, are well ventilated and the leaves intercept the light better.

– ✂️ Trimming: In order to facilitate the passage through the vineyard and to favour the diffusion of nutrients to the bunches, the superfluous ends of the branches are trimmed.

– Leaf removal: This task consists of removing the leaves located in the fruit-bearing zone, growing to the height of the grapes at the end of ripening. This step improves the microclimate of the bunches and completes their ripening, by favouring their aeration and sunlight and thus reducing the risks of disease development. The leaves are only removed from the eastern side of the vine to avoid burning the grapes in the sun.

– Green harvesting or thinning: This stage consists of eliminating part of the bunches just before veraison (change of colour of the berries) in order to obtain a harvest of greater quality. The number of grapes is readjusted so that the vine has the capacity to ensure their optimal maturation (favouring an increase in sugars and polyphenols, and a decrease in acidity).

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