Should you give tips on a french wine tour ?

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should you give tips on a french wine tour

Because of culture differences, tipping can be a real bother when it comes to travelling in a foreign country. So to ease your stay in France here are some facts to help you deal with this matter during your wine tour in France.

General guidelines on tipping in France:

As tipping  is not as much as in USA anchored in our culture, it is really a matter of quality level of services.

I’ve been around many forums and blog documenting for point of view research. You will find everything and it’s opposite. So the first thing to know is that it’s really up to you to tip or not.

What is to know is that each profession as some particularity. Here they are. 


Due to french law, almost all restaurants include tax and a 15% service charge (called service compris) in their prices. Unlike United Sates restaurant employees have stable wages and don’t count only on tips. If you have valued the the meal or the service or bought as quiet good, then you might leave a 2-3% in cash tip (no credit card tip giving). You can also leave the small change from your bill if you pay in cash (the traditionnal pourboire). You will find sometimes a jar on the counter that you can fill with a tip.

transport tipping burgundy

Transport Services

You can use a 5- 10 % tip of travel amount perform specially if they have given a special service. Helping with your luggage for example is not considered as a prerogative. If you have a personal driver who as taken great care of your comfort, you can also tip him and it will make his day special.

hotel service burgundy

Hotel Services

Hotel concierge can be great helpers if you need to book a restaurant of great demand or extra services.

So a 5 to 20 € tip depending on which services they have offered you will be greatly appreciated.

Also, if you plan to come back in this hotel, tipping hotel staff is a great way to leave a good impression.

wine tour burgundy guide

Guide Services

Tipping your tour guide €10 to €20 after the excursion is a usual practice. 

As for museum guides a good tip would be between 1 to 2 €.

In a Nutshell



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Hotel Services


Tour Guide

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2 thoughts on “Should you give tips on a french wine tour ?

  1. Yeah you’re right about tipping in USA is anchored but in some foreign land it is not much appreciated as it is in the states. Unfortunately I learned that in a hard way, hope I found this article before tipping someone in foreign land.

    1. Many thanks for that feedback Jonathan. Take care and stay in touch !

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