burgundy wine tasting workshop

Our Burgundy Wine Tasting Workshop

“Wine, one sip of this will bathe the drooping spirits in delight beyond the bliss of dreams. Be wise and taste.”

John Milton, English poet (1608-1674) Tweet

There is no better way to discover wine than taste it ! 

First of all it gives you the opportunity to test your senses, helping them to expand to new experiences.

And then it’s such a intimate moment to share with does you love or appreciate. All together enjoying what life as to offer you, in a very personal way which is different to each of us. 

We can share our feelings about what the wine we have tasted makes us think of, rather we like it or not, knowing that our taste are very personal.

So, want to stay at home to enjoy a beautiful Beaujolais and Burgundy wines tasting workshop ? 

What about sharing an unforgettable moment with friends especially for a bachelorette party !

You can also organize for example a wonderful experience for your customers or your staff by making them discover how to taste wine.

Most important, no matter what your level is, it is always a pleasant way to learn about wine !

Anything is possible ! From blind wine tasting of Beaujolais and Burgundy wines to matching wine and food while discovering an amazing french gastronomy.

We can provide any services related to wine discovery.

Here’s the program !

  • We will tell you about Beaujolais or Burgundy wines history
  • We will introduce you to wine tasting methods with professional tasting notes
  • You will taste a selection of Beaujolais or Burgundy wines
  • We will learn you how to combine wine and food