Our private Wine Tours in Beaujolais and Burgundy

Enchanting - the magic of wine, history, beautiful countryside, meeting people, a lifestyle !

A journey through time

 Our Private Wine Tours in Beaujolais and Burgundy

With its châteaux, villages with prestigious names, the remains of a varied past and wine region Burgundy and Beaujolais offers the delightful impression of being both here and elsewhere.

Travel the countryside, take a walk through the vineyards and stop off in the cellars to discover hearty wines, try the exquisite gourmet food, enjoy the friendly atmosphere and appreciate every one of these precious moments.

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Let's have a look of what our Beaujolais and Burgundy tours are made of. Everything is possible and our wine tours can be completed with anything you want ! Our private chauffeur My Automedon will take care of you and drive you in the best possible conditions !

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The plain and its pastureland, the hills where wine life and seasons shapes the incredible view, fields dotted with cows and sheep and forest form the setting for your walks, while there's  climbing on the cliff faces for the more daring. You can also choose to have your head in the clouds by flying on our hot air balloon !

burgundy beaujolais secret wine tour