Oeufs à l’Epoisse Recipe

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You can’t come to Burgundy to taste our Burgundian dishes, we’ve found the solution while waiting for the borders to reopen !

Cook at home a simple and very tasty recipe typical of Burgundy !

Les Oeufs à l’Epoisse – Eggs with Epoisse

For this recipe you will need :

🧀       Epoisse cheese


    Burgundy white wine

🧅           Onions



1️⃣ Slice the shallots and onions into thin strips and fry them in a little oil. Cut the bacon into strips and add them to the pan.

2️⃣ In a saucepan put the Epoisse, the cream and the white wine; cook over medium heat until you get a smooth sauce.

3️⃣ In a second pan boil water with a little white vinegar. Once the water is boiling, break the eggs gently into the boiling water. Let them cook for 3 minutes, taking care to separate the eggs from each other.

4️⃣ Then plunge the eggs into cold water to stop the eggs cooking.

5️⃣ Then put the eggs in a soup plate, add a portion of the onion, shallot and bacon mixture and the Epoisse sauce.

🍳 Enjoy your delicious Epoisse eggs ! 🍳

PS: For an even more delicious experience, pair your dish with a Chablis Grand Cru Blanchot from Domaine Gueguen (to be found on the Wine Club Eboutique).

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