Our March Selection of Books On Burgundy Wine

We have gathered a selection of books on Burgundy Wines that are considered as a reference for wine lovers.

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After spending 30 years in Burgundy, France, Clive Coates hands over one of the best study on the tremendously complex wines of Burgundy.

He has been dissecting each area of Burgundy, from which Côte Chalonnaise and Chablis  to deliver it’s secrets and not only is it a list of winemakers to be visited and from whom wine should be choosen, it teels us the story beneath Burgundy and how it as grown as one of the best quality wine region.

It’s easy and pleasant to read, no need to be a scientist or a historian to start this major reference on Wines Of Burgundy.

So before starting your wine tour or after if you do not want to get spoiled, grab this book !

‘Wines Of Burgundy’ – Serena Sutcliffe

Now, that is a much more precise book regarding Burgundy Estate and each wine maker that Serena as selected. It is a bit old now (1998) but still relevant as you can actually notice that most of the wine makers are still in place. It’s a great testimony of Burgundy’s ability to maintain high end wines and at the same time you will discover that wine process making as evolved since. Find it here !

‘Chablis’ – Bernard Ginestet

This is a unique and detailed guide on Chablis’s Vineyard. Bernard Ginestet has also ensured that it provides the reader with an understanding of the feel of the soil, the climate, the people and the history of Chablis. He exhibits to the full an appealing generosity of spirit coupled with a profound knowledge of the history, folklore, wine and wine-making of this famous appellation. By virtue of it’s wine Chablis is now a name known throughout the world. Even if this one is a bit old too, it give us a good comprehension of what makes Chablis the great white wine of the world.

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