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5 Events Not To be Missed in France Burgundy

5 events not to be missed in France Burgundy  From Beaujolais to Côte de Nuits, Burgundy lives to the rhythm of the vine seasons but also through incredible events. Mixing art, history, modernity and traditions, there are many opportunities for us to discover the heart of Burgundy. Here are some of the many ones. There

5 fabulous things to do in December in Burgundy

Winter time is an amazing moment in Burgundy vineyards life. Mist and and moonscape makes it mystical as if everything stopped even though the winemakers are still at work, preparing the vine to give it’s best for next wine harvest. A time to introspection, taking care of us after a busy year. So here’s what Burgundy

Your Secret Wedding in Beaujolais

Because getting married is the one moment in a life, you want to make it unforgettable. Every details counts, the place, the atmosphere, the accommodation for friends and family, the food, the beverages, the dress, the music, and so on ! But part of all those elements the location allows you to express creativity and