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10 Amazing Burgundy Gastronomy Must Eat A selection of most Famous Recipes from Burgundy Our land is at the border of three french food essentials: Burgundy, Lyon and the Ain. The most famous starred Chef are born in those lands and gave us this wonderful french gastronomic Heritage. Let’s discover our selection of amazing Burgundy
A Guide To Burgundy History A Guide To Burgundy History – The history of Burgundy tells the story of the territory that the former French administrative region of Burgundy has largely recovered from the ancient duchy. It inscribes it in the sequel of the geopolitical sets which, in this space and beyond, shared the same
A Beginner’s Guide to Burgundy Cheese A Beginner’s Guide to Burgundy Cheese – Not only Burgundy produces the best Wine ever, it as a marvelous choice of wonderful cheese. To help you here’s a simple beginner’s guide to Burgundy Cheese. If there is one thing to do on your wine tour in France Burgundy is