It is time for friends, time for love and adventure…

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It’s coming! The long awaited time of parties, barbecues, outdoor aperitifs, simply the period when we meet with friends or family and especially the period of predilection of weddings … and therefore of bachelor and bachelorette parties!

The bachelor or bachelorette party is the last “bachelor” party before the wedding. And it is the occasion for the friends of the bride or the groom to concoct a last weekend or a last unforgettable day with friends! This ritual comes from the Anglo-Saxon countries and not so long ago when we heard bachelor or bachelorette parties, we fled because we imagined a ridiculous walk in the street, dressed in crazy disguises and humiliating activities in front of passers-by. Nowadays, the practice has evolved and has become “distinguished”. We enjoy more a moment between friends. An EVJF or an EVG is the opportunity to practice new experiences, to have fun and to be with friends while enjoying the pleasures of life… For example by doing a parachute jump before the big jump in the adventure of the wedding, a wellness day to relax before the D-Day or fun activities such as a quad ride in the vineyards of Burgundy…

It’s not so much a celebration of one’s bachelorhood as it is an opportunity to celebrate unbreakable friendships and enjoy a (last) moment of celebration, laughter and madness!

Everything has to be perfect and above all exciting… We embark on this adventure with you, to create unforgettable moments in the heart of Burgundy and to make you discover the pleasures that our beautiful region offers. We take care of everything by offering you totally customizable offers !

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