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Burgundy and Beyond

Our Luxury Wine Tours in France


From Paris to Provence French Riviera, Bordeaux, Champagne聽 and Loire Valley, we have designed the best wine tours in France for you.

Explore Our Wine Tours in France

Based in Burgundy, we also provide extension or full stays in other beautiful France Wine Regions:

鈥 Bordeaux: its world famous Ch芒teaux estates will be accessible for a day or more to enjoy one of the most prestigious France wine region.

Champagne : History and legend, tasting and secrets, wineries and heritage, find out everything you need to know about Champagne to organize your stay in the vineyards.

Loire Valley: Combine the most beautiful France Heritage with amazing wines along the Valley of France Kings.聽

Saint Tropez聽 C么te d鈥橝zur: The Golfe de Saint Tropez offers exceptional terroirs, in the heart of the AOC C么tes de Provence, which invite you to many encounters : winemakers who are passionate, wine and its many tastes, culture that has been based on the production of ros茅 for more than 2000 years !

Burgundy Wine Tour

Burgundy is where our spirit is and we know each cranny and corner of it. So be prepared to live the best Gourmet and Wine Food Customized Tour ever.

Bordeaux Wine Tour

Discover the wine, food, culture and history of Bordeaux. Fall in love with the gorgeous landscapes, the unique Bordeaux blends, and its prestigious wineries.

Champagne Wine Tour

Visit the most prestigious "Maisons de Champagne" while enjoying the history and culture of Reims and its outskirt.

Provence Saint Tropez Wine Tour

In the heart of French Riviera, your C么te d鈥橝zur Getaway. From small wineries to Cru Class茅, you will have the best wine experience ever. Provence Ros茅 and beach are awaiting ...

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