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Yoga and Meditation in Burgundy

Mindfulness in the middle of the vineyards


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Wellness  in Burgundy

Wine Tasting in Burgundy

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Learn to savor differently, a link between self-discovery and discovery of high-class wines of Burgundy.

Through this workshop, we will invite you to a trip in two stages.

First, we shall discover meditation together during one hour and a half, with a secular introduction and tools adjusted to everyday life, allowing a bigger ability of attendance to what we live.

Later, we shall go to a private savor at a winegrower. We shall then establish the link between capacity of attentiveness and full attendance to our senses. We shall better perceive the aromas of the wine, his taste and the subtleties bound to the soil, in order to turn this moment in a valuable one and to be able to apply this ability of attendance to all that we eat, drink and experiment in a general way.

Moreover, we shall better feel our sensations, our perceptions and our emotions, in order to be fully present externally, internally and to take advantage of the experience and what it reveals in us.

Join us for a fabulous Experience of  Yoga and Meditation in Burgundy !

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Jack S
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The people you meet like @nathalie_taburel are what makes travel so much fun. People who put their heart and soul into what they do—We had a really amazing visit in #gevreychambertin . We had so much fun we didn’t want to leave— @secretwinetour did a phenomenal job! .
John and Stacy
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A BIG THANK YOU to @secretwinetour for making or time in #Burgundy so memorable. If you want to go to Burgundy to taste the wine and experience the culture of wine making, the you must reach out to Nathalie. Anyone can taste wine in a shop in Beaune with 80 other people crammed in a small room. But with Nathalie's help we went to private caves, tasted wine from barrels, opened 20 year old bottles and got the full understanding of what an 8th generation wine maker feels for the vines of his ancestors. What an experience, it was the perfect trip!
David P
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Nathalie's knowledge and friendliness was incredible. The visits to the three family wine states far surpassed my high expectations.
Fred H
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Great tour guide with clearly a superb knowledge of wines in the region.
Davila DC
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This is not just a driver showing up to drop you off at a winery like with other "tours". In this case we had a driver AND Nathalie with us the entire way which was phenomenal. Because Nathalie is with you the entire way, we had a built in interpreter and Burgundy insider help us to understand what we just tasted and what was coming next. We specifically asked for small producers and personal tours in order to meet wine makers and learn their family's story. She delivered!!! This service is more than just a wine tasting, because she set us up with hotel reservations (Le Cep is phenomenal), lunch plans and a reservation at the hottest restaurant in Beaune that has just 20 seats. The absolute professionalism of Nathalie and her team is second to none and the best I've experience. She has set the bar at a new height for our next tour!
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