Learn about an ancestral winery art

Hands On and Fun Workshop

  • What wine lover hasn’t dreamed once of living the magical and friendly atmosphere of the grape harvest to finally discover all the secrets of this divine beverage.
  • Live an experience in the vineyards and become a winegrower for a day!

What to expect ?

  • Meeting you in the early morning to start your harvest day ! And yes, the workers of the vineyard are morning birds and the work must be done quickly but well to ensure the best quality of grapes!
  • Before leaving to the assault of the grapes, we take the time to drink a nice coffee accompanied by pastries and make you a historical presentation of the domain.
  • Accompanied by the team of grape pickers, you will go to the parcel being harvested and after receiving the necessary instructions and information, secateurs in hand, you will harvest the grapes ! The team leader will be there to answer all your questions.
  • We will then return to the domain at the end of the morning for a well-deserved wine tasting!
  • The morning will end with a winemaker’s lunch that you will enjoy in one of the estate’s clos!

This activity depends on the date of the harvest which can only be validated 15 days before the harvest (usually between mid August and mid September).


Half Day Experience

Other Services available upon request

Private transport



Wine Tasting

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