Fall in Burgundy: is it worth it ?

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All seasons are worth to live in Burgundy but Fall is a special one.

🍇 Grape harvest: after a year of hard working in the Vineyard it’s finally time to harvest its treasure. Traffic on the road is busy, slowed by tractors and viticulture machines, but reminding us to take some time for us.

🍂 Colors of the vineyard: vineyards offer a pallet of amazing colors. From orange to some green left, it’s a real patchwork and delight for the eyes.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Less tourism: fall sees it’s visitor go back to work and it’s an ideal season if you seek for less crowd in the street and in the vineyard

☀️ Cool weather & indian Summer: not as hot as summer temperature that can go up to 40 degrees (except for this 2021 year which was rainy), fall offers a cool weather with as this year an indian summer with 25 ° and wonderful sunny days.

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