Top 3 of our favorite cheeses ! 🧀

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Cow, goat or sheep cheese, we are fond of all these French cheeses which occupy a place of choice on our tables ! 🧀 We are going to talk to you about our favorite Burgundy cheeses and the wines with which they go best. 🍷

N°1 : L'Epoisse, powerful and elegant!

It is a cheese from cow’s milk with soft paste and a slightly wrinkled rind with a red-orange color. 🧡

The color comes from the ripening process during which the cheese is regularly washed with salted water and sown with Brevibacterium linens, “red bacteria”. This is an important operation that preserves the suppleness of the rind, activates the fermentation, develops the flavors and gives the rind its natural orange color.

Its smell is powerful and penetrating, with aromas of undergrowth. 🌳 In the mouth, one discovers a melting and unctuous paste, with a slightly crumbly central part if the cheese is still little matured. Its taste is frank but subtle, with fruity and balanced aromas. 🍑 A cheese that provides a delicious creamy sensation under the palate.

Epoisse has had its appellation d’origine contrôlée since 1991. It was nearly five centuries ago, in the small village of Epoisses, that Epoisse was born from a community of religious. The women farmers of the region then continued to make Epoisses and contributed to its reputation through the quality of their know-how.

🍷 Pair this cheese with a Puligny Montrachet with enough aromatic concentration to sublimate the epoisses. If you prefer red wine pair it with a soft, fruity red from the Côte de Nuits such as a Chambolle-Musigny.

N°2 : Le Charolais, generous

A tender and generous cheese made from raw goat’s milk from an area within a 60 km radius of Charolles, characterized by the strong presence of permanent grasslands and bocage. ☘️ It is recognized by its cylindrical shape with bulging edges so representative of small barrel. When young, a fine cream-colored curly rind develops as well as a light white down that becomes gray-blue, sometimes with orange spots. 💙

In the mouth, it offers a sweet goaty taste that intensifies with time on woody notes, hazelnuts and mushrooms. 🐐 Its white paste, fresh and moist when young, becomes creamy, firm and smooth when matured.

Originally, Charolais cheese was dried in traditional cheese cages, the “tzézires” or “chazières”. Often, the workers of the surrounding towns bought the white cheeses and kept the Charolais cheeses themselves because its large size allowed a good conservation of the cheese.

🍷 Charolais is an exceptional cheese for keeping to be savored without moderation and if you wish and with moderation, accompanied by lively and fruity white wine such as a Viré Clessé if the cheese is still fresh and not very matured or a round and tasty white wine such as a Saint Bris if maturation is fine.

N°3 : Le Citeaux, authentic and gourmet

The “Cîteaux cheese” or “Abbaye de Citeaux” is a farm cheese made in the tradition of the Cistercian monks at the Abbey of Cîteaux by the monks 👼 in the Abbey of Cîteaux with milk from their own herd, bathed in Gregorian chants. 🎼It is also ripened in the abbey itself by the monks.

It is a farm cheese made from thermised cow’s milk, with a slightly pressed uncooked paste and a washed rind. 🐄

Its rind is smooth, fine, subtly bloomy, is orange-pink in color, and is covered with a white foamy down.

It is a cheese with a firm and creamy texture that has a delicate taste with a dominant floral flavour. 🌸 This one is subtle when the cheese is young and much stronger when it is further matured.

🍷 You will enjoy tasting this fleshy and mellow cheese with a young white wine from the Côte de Beaune, for example a Maranges which will be fresh and fruity and will support the fruity aromas of the cheese.

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