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“Compromises are for relationships, not wine.”

the best Luxury wine tours from Lyon France

We have found the best of Burgundy and created the perfect tours for you.

 We constantly search for the best activities to offer you a wide range of services regarding your hobbies, taste and desires. For example, from hot air balloon to a mustard factory visit, everything is possible.

  Make the best of your France Wine Tour in Burgundy by approaching it’s history from Roman Art to last innovation in wine making. Learn about wine making methods and practice how to cook like a chef with our cooking class. What about going hiking or cycling on the roads of Bourgogne Burgundy, let’s follow us ! Learning how to truffle hunt ? Choose what ever pleases you and ask us for any activity we will make it happen !

Enjoy the best burgundy wine tours

 84 appellations, 28,715 hectares, Burgundy vineyards offers a unlimited range of amazing wines.

 More than in any other french wine region, the notion of “terroir” is appealing.

 From the raw material given from the soil, the exposition, the climate, the wine making process, each one is a major factor of what Burgundy wine as to offer.

 To understand why it is so important, we will take you on a journey or more for a  Burgundy Wine Tour.

“There are many ways to the recognition of truth, and Burgundy is one of them.”

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