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Our Gougeres Recipe

First Recipe from many more to come on our Burgundy wine and food blog: enjoy this not to be missed delicious french salty and cheesy pastry, enjoy 馃

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Ingredients for 8 people:

2 cups of water

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 cup of butter

2 cups of flour

8 eggs

3 cups of Comt茅 Cheese or Cheddar

1 packet of yeast




Bring the water with the butter and salt to a boil, stop cooking.

Mix the flour with the yeast and pour everything into the water. Mix vigorously until the dough comes off. Then add the eggs, one by one, then add the pepper and nutmeg. Finally incorporate the Comt茅 Cheese or Cheddar.
On a sheet of parchment paper placed on a tray, make small piles and then freeze the whole. Keep the goug猫res in the freezer in a bag while waiting to take them out according to your needs.
In due time, cook the frozen goug猫res on a sheet of parchment paper in an oven at 180 掳 C. The duration of the cooking (15 to 25 minutes without opening the oven) depends on the size of the goug猫res.

Which Burgundy Wine to drink with our Goug猫res ?

Bourgogne Aligot茅

Petit chablis


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