5 reasons to experience grape harvest in Burgundy

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grape harvest in burgundy

Grape harvest time is near in Burgundy and we can sense it ! Depending on the weather it’s usually between the end of august and mid September.

This year it should be between the 10 th and 22 th of September. So why should you live this moment once in your life ?

1. An amazing human experience

experience wine tour france burgundy

Grape harvest is a high point in winemakers’ life. It’s time when grape picker from all over France, Europe and sometimes even further meet to live an unforgettable moment.

Learning how to work as a team knowing that each stage is important. Taking care of the vine and the grape while picking it. Sorting the grapes to have the best harvest and the best raw material for wine making. Live this experience with incredible winemakers and their family who will welcome you with a beautiful and typical Burgundy lunch. What a pleasure to taste wines that have been made with the previous grapes of your harvest !

2. Expand your Burgundy Wine Knowledge

learning burgundy wine

Harvesting will help you to understand how wine making is not just about the harvest but it’s a matter of daily caring. Each process will be explained to you to understand the concept of “terroir”, the impact of geology, the vinification and the ageing.

3. Taking the opportunity to discover Burgundy

burgundy landscape

What a wonderful time to plan a trip to historical sites, Châteaux and museums. You can choose from a visit the Hospices de Beaune  or a walk on the Rock of Solutré and many more options.

What about visiting a mustard factory or an oil making craft shop ?

4. Enjoy an incredible gastronomy

Wine and food, the best match. Take a moment to enjoy lunch or dinner in a Michelin starred restaurant or a typical Burgundy restaurant to learn how to do the best wine and food pairing. Fabulous recipes, cheese and not to forget French fresh bread 😉

5. Landscapes

secret wine tour côte de Nuits

September is according to us, the best season for enjoying the vineyards. Colors are so powerful between some green leaves left over and those who are turning to red, it’s a stunning moment for a wine tour.

You want to join this grape harvest adventure ?

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