10 Amazing Burgundy Gastronomy Must Eat !

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boeuf bourguignon title
boeuf bourguignon

10 Amazing Burgundy Gastronomy Must Eat

A selection of most Famous Recipes from Burgundy

Our land is at the border of three french food essentials: Burgundy, Lyon and the Ain. The most famous starred Chef are born in those lands and gave us this wonderful french gastronomic Heritage. Let’s discover our selection of amazing Burgundy Gastronomy must eat.

Burgundy Parsley Ham

jambon persillé burgundy gastronomy

Also called Easter Ham, our Burgundy Parsley Ham is made with fine products as ham and pork shoulder finely sliced ​​into few centimeters cubes. All of those cooked in a broth with with shallot, onion, thyme, garlic bay leaf to make a marbled jelly. You can add Mustard from Dijon, potatoes or salad while savouring it.

Beaujolais Saucisson

Saucisson beaujolais

Beaujolais Saucisson is a sausage to cook or cooking saveloy, is an essential specialty of the gastronomy of Lyon. Nature, pistachio or truffle, it is made from the best pieces of pork shoulder.

In Lyon, it is traditionally cooked in water, accompanied by steamed potatoes and the famous “cervelle de canuts”.

Coq Au Juliènas

coq au Julienas

A beautiful glorious farm rooster in the casserole, with thyme, laurel, mushrooms and carrots cooked lovingly with Beaujolais Julienas.

Quenelles au Brochet

10 amazing burgundy gastronomy must eat

The “Quenelles au Brochet” are mixture of pike flesh pounded in a stone mortar with a “panade”, a preparation made from cooked flour or semolina, water or milk, ground beef fat and egg yolks added to gradually. They like to bathe in traditional tomato sauces or Nantua sauce (with crayfish)

Andouillettes au Chablis

10 amazing burgundy gastronomy must eat

The andouillette is made in many parts of France but it is also found in Chablis, where it is produced from pork intestine. This andouillette has both a soft texture and a raised flavor. To prepare it, we recommende to use a Chablis premier cru, the grapes are harvested on the slopes exposed to the south and the west. Chablis is a famous Chardonnay wine made in about twenty communes around Chablis (Yonne), in the north of Burgundy.


gougeres cheese burgundy france wine tour

Gougères are Burgundy specialties, made with choux pastry and Comté or Gruyère cheese, the grated cheese being mixed with the still lukewarm dough.

Poulet de Bresse à la Crème

poulet de bresse à la crème

It’s the only poultry in the world that has had a Protected Designation of Origin since 1957. you will find Chicken Bresse on the menu of most restaurants in Burgundy and Lyon. Typical, specific and authentic, its flesh is firm and marbled, its skin is fine and pearly. It has a taste of terroir which, for the taste buds of amateurs, varies from one farm to another. From an old race with slow growth: the Gauloise of white Bresse, its history dates back to the seventeenth century and coincides with the establishment of corn in Bresse.
The recipe was created by the “Mère Blanc” mother of Famous Starred Chief Georges Blanc.

Oeufs en Meurette

oeufs en meurette poached eggs

“Oeufs en Meurette” are poached eggs served in a sauce with red wine, onions, bacon, shallots fried in butter: the meurette, all on croutons or toasted toast. Sliced ​​mushrooms can be added.

The story of this Burgundy recipe may be linked to the recipe of beef bourguignon. As not to lose the sauce once the meat eaten, people would simply put the sauce back to the boil and throw in the eggs for poaching.

Les Escargots de Bourgogne

snails escargots de bourgogne

Escargots de Bourgogne or Burgundy snails are a traditional dish made from wild Burgundy snails and garlic butter marbled. It is a Burgundy specialty of Burgundy gastronomy, and French gastronomy. They are served especially at family party meals, and Christmas Eve dinner.

Le Boeuf Bourguignon

boeuf bourguignon

It is a beef stew cooked very slowly with vegetables, herbs and pinot noir wine. From the association of the two emblematic products of the terroir of Burgundy is born this essential French recipe !

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