Your Secret Wine Tour In Burgundy


Your Secret Wine Tour In Burgundy


Your Secret Wine Tour In Burgundy

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Secret Wine Tour in Burgundy

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Looking for a Lyon Wine Tour or Burgundy Wine Tour ? What about a wine tasting in Dijon ? Anything is possible.

Close to Paris and Lyon, discover the amazing Climats of Burgundy UNESCO’s world heritage and the most precious elixir of life: Burgundy wines.

From Dijon to Lyon, explore burgundy wine roads in the best comfort possible with our luxury transport and high class vehicles.

We will create a unique and tailor made experience of wine tourism in Burgundy to meet your expectations and regarding you wine tasting experience and knowledge.

Our wine tours in Burgundy are accessible to all, regardless of your wine tasting level.

Wine expert, epicurean, history lover, curious about Burgundy wine but not a specialist, we have the best Bourgogne wine tour for you.

For half a day, a day or more, we will organize your private, luxury and all-inclusive wine tour in Burgundy.

•  Pick your destination from Chablis, Beaune, Dijon, Beaujolais, Mâcon, Châlon or Lyon to better grasp the typicity of each region, terroir.

Even though, Chardonnay and Pinot noir are the Sovereign in Burgundy Kingdom they all have their own personality given the soil, wine maker and climate they have been encountering.

Knowing that wine tourism in Burgundy is not just about wine, we will take care of everything: Accommodation, restaurant, activities and wine tour roadmap in Burgundy to provide the best luxury wine tours in France.

Get a taste of French burgundy gastronomy during your wine tour and find out what our Michelin starred Restaurant and regional restaurant are all about: a mix of tradition, modernity, history and above all pleasure of savoring.

Whether you are with family (we also offer activities for children), with friends or as a couple, we will adapt our tour to your requests.

Enjoy amazing landscapes, meet amazing wine makers and discover Burgundy History.

Ready ? Follow us !

Our Mottos


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We are deeply convinced on the value of Human Relationships and on the Power of Working Together. Therefore we have build strong connections with each one of our partners build on trust and  joy to create a network of women and men proud of their land. Beyond our pride it’s the passion that drives each one of us and the willingness to share our everyday life in France Burgundy.

The work of soil,  the attention payed to mature Burgundy Wine each day, the harvest time bringing people together, that is what we want to communicate.

Beyond each Burgundy Wine there is a woman or a man, a weather, a soil, a terroir that contributes to bringing the wine to it’s best.

Connecting people

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Did you ever argue with friends while drinking a glass of Burgundy wine ? No, that what’s make wine so amazing. It’s varieties, the different countries where it’s  cultivated, the different people making it. It allows you to widen your horizon and meet extraordinary persons, learn languages, discover new culture and last but not least learn about new gastronomy. So let’s follow us into the France Burgundy Vineyards and meet future wonderful friends during your wine tasting in Lyon !


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We like taking risk and be off the beaten path. In doing so, we find the latest innovating and confidential wineries. We work with partners who are in constant search for innovation in wine tourism while preserving their history. Organic wine, new wine making methods, thinking about climate change and outstanding ideas. So if you want to experience an out of the ordinary and customer caring wine tour, we’re ready to guide you. We want you to have time to cherish this moment so we have the best Lyon Wine Tour and Burgundy Wine Tour ready for you ! Our ultimate goal is to organise the best wine tour in France you ever had.

Our Services


Discover the history of Burgundy through its castles, museums and abbey and many other treasures. Learn facts about Roman and middle age heritage during your french wine tour vacations.


Traditional recipes, Michelin starred Restaurant, we have every choice for you depending on how you want to discover French Burgundy Gastronomy. Enjoy a wine tasting in Lyon while learning everything about french food on our cooking class.


Choose from the many activities we have to offer, cycling, hiking, hot air balloon, cooking class, everything is possible !

Luxury Transport

Enjoy your wine tour From Lyon France , Dijon or Beaune in a luxury van or sedan while contemplating the beautiful Burgundy vineyards landscape.


A beautiful private guesthouse with services or a luxury hotel ? We will choose the accommodations that fits your expectations for the best wine vacation in France.

WSET Certified Wine Guide

Not just our job, wine is our passion. So we have read books, trained and worked hard to achieve an appropriate knowledge on wine and to bring you the best guided wine tours in France Burgundy.

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You want to have some news of what is happening in Burgundy ? We will give you some tips and news about our events, wine tours and few recipes 😉

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